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Zeldman has redesigned his website, and it looks absolutely beautiful. Is this finally an end to the proliferation of white-only websites (I have an excuse – I have no design talent)?

A few days behind, but still, XHTML 2.0 considered hopeful. It’ll be so nice to see many of the broken facets of XHTML 2.0 fixed.

It’s also (vaguely) interesting to see the CSS debate continue on and on and on.

FOAF and co-depiction gets a mention on a completely unrelated website, which I think is a good sign of its growing popularity (or at least mindshare).

Dare‘s RSSBandit is actually looking really good now, and as soon as I find out where to download it from, I’ll be trying it out.

Oh. It’ looks like it’s not out yet.

Slightly more interestingly, Jena includes a tool called “schemagen” which takes in an RDF schema and produces an appropriate vocabulary class in Java. Excellent! I was really expecting Jena to be much much harder to use, but it appears to be fairly simple.

p.s. I’ve just spotted a design suggested for Dave Hyatt’s website. I think I’ll convert to CSS and steal it (using -moz-border-radius to do the corners for gecko-browsers).

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