I’ve had some feedback on my small rant saying that, in the interests of accuracy, both Opera and Safari do actually support generated content. I had a quick look at this using the CSS2 test suite, and in particular the quotes section in the most recent versions of both those browsers that I have access to, Opera 7.11 and Safari 0.74.

Safari rendered quotes exactly the same as Mozilla (i.e. incorrectly, although of course this may have been fixed in the latest release), and quite astonishingly Opera renders absolutely correctly.

I think “astonishingly” was an understatement. I completely expected Opera to fail, mainly due to my experience with it in the past, where it caused more problems than anything else – enough for my company to drop “supports Opera” from our web app documentation (not that anyone noticed).

Indeed, when version 7 was released (to much hoopla), I took about five seconds to assess it (huge banner, awful skin, goodbye), and whilst I stand by that (that skin! that banner! just stop it already! who pays for a browser now?!), its list of CSS support is very very impressive.

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