I hate Sourcesafe. We use it at work. It’s slow, unreliable and non-intuitive. It looks just enough like Windows Explorer to make you expect it to do Windows Explorer-y type things with it, which then don’t work. In a nutshell, it’s frustrating to use, although that’s not even the half of it.

I proposed a few months ago that we move everything to CVS , which everyone said “yeah! let’s do that!” to, but we still don’t have a *nux machine in the office.

For a brief while we tried getting CVSNT to work, but with no luck. The documentation is pretty poor, and we had a problem with users, passwords and permissions. So that didn’t work.

Anyway, the point is that we wanted to move to CVS, but an argument raised against this was that we’d need to move everything stored in VSS to CVS. “Surely”, I thought “someone must have tried to do this before?”, so I searched the web, and I came up with were the VSSExtractor and VSS2CVS, which looked like just the ticket, if a rather lonely tickets.

But we never got a linux machine. And I never got to try it out. And as a result, we’re still using VSS. And it’s terrible.

So if anyone, anyone out there has successfully used either of these tools, successfully, so that I can point at you and go “Look! Look! They escaped! We can too!” please, please get in touch.

Sourcesafe: a commentary

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