Finally is alive again for me to extract this quote from asa’s blog on August 3rd:

Web Panels is much more useful/versitile/practical than the old SeaMonkey sidebar. If you’re visiting a page that you want to hold onto for a few minutes you can just pres the “Grab Page” button and it pulls that page from the content area into the Web Panels sidebar. If it’s something really useful, like Gemal’s BlogUpdates or the “Post to Movable Type” pop-up, then you just “Grab” it and click “Add Web Panel”. That creates a bookmark for the page with a special flag that causes it to always open in the Web Panels sidebar. (You can set this flag on any bookmark by opening the bookmark’s properties and checking the box labeled “Load this bookmark in the Web Panels sidebar.”)

Asa also links to this screenshot of web panels (which I’ve copied to my own server in case goes down again) – “Open bookmark in sidebar” is not what I was expecting.

I know I’m whining like a bitch: Firebird is free! It’s standards compliant! It’s extensible! It’s open source! etc! but I like getting what I expect, and web panels is my final big want for Firebird, and I was really looking forward to getting it.

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