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Frustrated with not being able to use SVG in Firebirdfox (especially now that the GIMP has gone SVG and after reading about the Worst. Tag. Ever.), I finally decided to plough through the atrocity that is BugZilla’s user interface and came across the imaginatively titled: “Bugzilla Bug 133567: – M1RC3; Crash because Adobe SVG plugin used an unfrozen interface [@ nsLoadGroup::GetName] [@ nsHttpChannel::GetName] which changed its prototype”. Slowly reading through the comments it seemed there was no hope for me. Adobe had released their plugin with support for Mozilla, but against an unfrozen interface which had subsequently changed, hence, it didn’t work.

Fortunately, comment 66 came to the rescue:

———- Additional Comment #66 From Peter Sorotokin 2003-07-17 23:17———-

This bug and all related bugs were fixed in Adobe SVG Viewer v6 Preview Release (Windows only at the moment, but keep looking We no longer try to support Mozilla browser scripting.

So if you download and install the Adobe SVG Viewer 6 beta and copy the plugin files to your gecko plugins directory1 it should all Just Work. Well, it did for me, and it did for Jim.

1 copy the NPSVG6.* files from C:Program FilesCommon FilesAdobeSVG Viewer 6.0Plugins to $GeckoDir$plugins and restart the browser

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  1. Ratnaker> Maybe you’ve got the remnants of an old Adobe SVG install hanging around? I just did it with Firefox 1.0 (Gecko/20041107 Firefox/1.0) on Windows XP (I’ve previously done it on XP Home, XP Pro and 2000 – no idea about Win98 though) and it worked fine.

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