Hurrah, Blogger comes back to life and publishes the posts I made the other day, since when Danny has already linked to my online Rome Photo Album.

These are some (if not most) of the photos my girlfriend and I took whilst in Rome (she’d never been before, so for the most part it was Ancient Rome we took in).

I keep meaning to mark them up with RSS/RDF (as per picdiary), but seeing as we haven’t even put the real photos in a photo album yet, I think I’m already ahead of the game. 😉

None of the pictures have been touched up in any way, which some of them could probably do with. Tim Bray takes good pictures (amongst, you know, doing other things) and wrote fairly recently about the kind of things he’s learnt to do to images to make them nicer for the web; sadly I can’t find it now as he doesn’t have a search facility on his weblog.

Also, the album was generated by JAlbum, using all the default settings (the templates are all just JSP), so that could probably do with some tinkering to make the layout slightly nicer (in particular stop the navigation moving around depending on the image width when scrolling through the images!) and the thumbnails a slightly higher quality. I might also provide the images in the highest resolution I have (each image is actually a four MB PNG on my hard drive – I thought it best to only publish the JPG :).

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