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According to Stephen Horlander, the new default theme for Firefox is ‘a 0.1 release at best’ (via djst’s nest)

It’s also well worth reading djst’s previous post on the subject, where he goes into more detail about how the Winstripe theme doesn’t work on Windows XP. There are also a good selection of comments on that post, mainly about how when Qute was made the default, lots of people complained about it making Firefox look too much like a Windows app. Frankly, in my mind this is the audience Firefox should be after, and making it look like either less of one, or one with a lame skin is just asking for trouble.

New Default Theme Coming to Firefox 0.9

New Default Theme Coming to Firefox 0.9 (Acts of Volition).

And guess what? I don’t like it. I like Qute. I’d never seen Qute before it became the default theme in Firefox, but as soon as I saw it, I loved it – the navigation icons are very similar to IE, but better (in my opinion). The ones in Winstripe don’t do this, they’re simpler, but this reflects poorly, making Firefox look basic and just like so many other open source applications as if thought hasn’t been put in to the graphics. User’s don’t appreciate shadows. They don’t appreciate gradient fills. They appreciate things which look like the things they’re used to, but nicer.

BBC reviews Singstar

Singstar, the home mass audience PS2 game by Sony this the shops a few weeks ago (it’s basically Karaoke for your PS2 but a bit cleverer – it’s ace fun, at any rate), and just got a review on the BBC news website, except that that’s exactly what it reads like – one bloke’s quick, incomplete and superficial review, not that of a professional media organisation. The BBC has a place for this kind of review, the Collective games section.