Joggle Tellybot

I keep putting off writing about it, but here’s a spare five minutes I prepared earlier.

The Joggle Tellybot is a Jabber transport for letting you know what’s on the terrestrial television stations in the UK.

It runs as a transport on the server so register for it as you would any other transport (via Service Discovery in Psi, Register with a Service in Exodus). You won’t need a username or password.

You can then send it commands to find out what’s on telly. For example:

  • sending the string “now” will return what’s on at this precise moment
  • sending a 24-hour time like “18:30” will return what’s on at 6.30 in the evening
  • sending just the hour of the day like “18” will return what’s on at 6.00 in the evening
  • sending the string “eastenders” will return the next few instances of programmes with “eastenders” in their title with times and dates

It’s reasonably stable and uses data from

I’m tempted to add per-user channel listings, but seeing as I only have terrestrial myself I’ll only do it if people actually ask. 🙂

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