Pine again

Having not used it for about four years, I’m slightly scared by the ease with which I remembered all of the keyboard shortcuts in Pine (in fact I knew some of the shortcuts without consciously trying to remember them).

Pine was the standard Uni email client at the University of Reading whilst I was there (’98-’02). Whilst hoping they’ve kept up with the times, I still hope that they’re forcing freshers to learn the ins-and-outs of a text-based mail client 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Pine again”

  1. I remember sitting in the library in Whiteknights hall reading my e-mail with pine on the little green-screen terminals that they had back then (1993/1994). Ah, that brings back memories… 😉 – Simon

  2. Wessex Hall rules! 😉

    Actually, my brother has also just started at Reading Uni, I’ll have to ask him if they’ve upgraded yet 🙂

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