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I’ve only recently made the move from Firefox 0.9.x to 1.0 (I was waiting for all the extensions I use to finally get updated) and although I mainly do my searching using keywords, I’m really enjoying the search toolbar. It’s incredibly intuitive, and although I’m both very used to, and very quick at using keywords to perform all my searches I find myself using the search toolbar time and time again, it’s clearly a very intuitive widget, and massively extensible to boot.

It’s not actually listed on the mycroft website, but as well as Amazon, Wikipedia, IMDB and all the other search engines that can be plugged into it, there’s also one for letting you search your gmail (the ‘install’ link on the site doesn’t work though, but you can click this link to install the gmail search engine).

It’s actually quite useful being able to search your mail from your browser, especially when it lets you perform complex queries like I wrote about before.

What using the gmail search toolbar looks like

What’s also nice is that if you don’t type anything and just hit enter it takes you straight to your inbox. Must save me literally seconds every day 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Search your gmail in Firefox”

  1. I take it Scott wanted to say:

    It’s “Gmail” and not “gmail”, Phil.

    Anyway, thanks for this neat browser extension. You’re right, this must save me literally seconds every day.
    One suggestion though: it would be nice if, when you don’t type anything and just hit enter, it takes you to instead of as that last URI redirects to the first one, which takes about a second or two.

    Thanks again, and a happy new year!

    Mathias Bynens

  2. Well, if someone wants to be a pedant, they should get it right. 😉

    Yes, you’re right about the URL. I should change that.

    Thanks for your words, and a Happy New Year to you too!

  3. Ummm phil? This may sound incredebly stupid but how does one get a new account started all I get when looking up g-mail on the web thruogh is the log in ext. can’t get in if your not….
    new convert from the explorer user madness the quiet of the web is amazing over here but I’am begging to realize a much briter and savy crowd uses this browser so for a spoom fed pop up we’ll do everything for you and fot this suffer our providers rude esxplosion of advertisements…help!!

  4. ah yes, the tong-web site appears to have disappeared totally. Still, my install script still works and I’ll keep the link to the original site in case it does come back at some point.

  5. I may be a couple of years too late but…

    Lovely concept. As of Sept 9 2007 it’s still opening the gmail inbox without a search, and ignoring any open tabs (firefox 2.0).

    Any chance your real life will let you get back to it for us receivers?

    Thanks for sharing.

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