Posting stupidity

About a year ago (or maybe more) I stopped using Blogger’s web posting interface and started using w.bloggar because whilst writing my post I’d be looking up resources, gathering quotes etc. etc. and just every now and again my browser (whether it was IE or Firefox) would crash, leaving me with nothing.

Just over the past month or two I’ve been getting back to using Blogger’s web interface, even when I’m on my home computer. So, I was just finishing a post that was a couple of hundred words long, and guess what happened? 🙂

So, at the very least as a note to myself – use a desktop tool to compose your posts! It could even be notepad! Don’t be a dumbass!


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2 thoughts on “Posting stupidity”

  1. What would be really cool is if there was a “blog this” type of function for w.bloggar. Maybe a Firefox extension. Ok, so I’m lazy 🙂

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