Microsoft: powered by aliens

Dear weirdos,

Next time I’m sitting alone, in one of fifty empty chairs in a public building, waiting to be served by the helpful staff, please don’t come and sit next to me and start telling me that the reason for Microsoft’s prodigous output, and all the technological advances of the past thirty years, is because industry is doing deals with aliens.

You probably seem totally sane until you start talking, and really, I’m happy for it to stay that way. Don’t shatter my illusions, let’s leave our relationship there: both mute, but blissfully happy in our silence.


Phil was cracked

Although I’d stopped using it in the main part, I noticed the other day that was down. As Erik Benson explains, his server was broken into and he was locked out.

One excellent outcome of this is the following information:

I’m in the process of re-writing All Consuming so it’s really not worth the time to get it all working in its current state. I […] think that this will be a good reason to get off my butt (as soon as I get back from Brazil) and finally All Consuming from its 2 year coma.

Cool stuff! If you didn’t know already, one of Erik’s recent projects was 43 Things which was written in Ruby on Rails, so perhaps that’s what we’ll see the rewrite of All Consuming in.

All Consuming-as-was was a great app brought low by being slightly ahead of its time, poor server performance and Erik’s likely need to do something that actually pays. Hopefully the rewrite will see it become the web goliath it deserves to be.

Add background colours to bugs in FogBugz3 using Greasemonkey

As always, let’s get the script out of the way: Add background colours to bugs in FogBugz 3.

When in Grid View, active cases are coloured from Priority 1 = red; Priority 2 = pink; Priority 3 = yellow. Resolved cases are coloured with different shades of grey – the darker the grey, the higher the priority. This makes FogBugz look like this (but without the blurring and fat red bar, obviously 🙂

My installation of FogBugz only has three priorities and I believe that FogBugz 3 ships with eight or so, so if you want more, you’ll have to edit the script, but it should be self-explanatory.

This script won’t work in FogBugz 4. It’s possible to do, but I haven’t really made the move quite yet. It should be easy enough to do though.