Charges, charges everywhere

Orange charge for copies of bills older than three months.

Orange provide your last three months bills online (including complete itemisation in a PDF).

I smell a screen-scraper which generates RSS feeds with enclosures. I want to be able to access whichever of my bills I like, thank you very much.

My broadband connection is provided by Freedom2Surf (and very good they’ve been, too). Since I’m moving house in a couple of weeks, I want to cancel our contract, but because we signed the contract fewer than twelve months ago, if I cancel it now they’ll charge me £70. It’ll be cheaper for me to wait until after the move and cancel it then (I have unmetered access). That’s just insanity – what do they gain by doing this?

Review sources

Sites where extracting review information and generating feeds would be easy:

What you’d really want to do is build a list of “favourite artists” or something, and then whenever one appeared in a review feed, you’d get notified of it. So what’s the best way of building the artist list that you’d want to match against?

Gmail Conversations

One of the big things about Gmail is supposed to be how it deals with messages and threads. Everything is a “conversation“. There’s no flat view of all your mails. Except I don’t have any say in what’s a conversation and what’s not – it’s all worked out by Gmail. The machine is overlaying what it thinks is going on to what people are actually doing, and whilst it’s got a nice 80-90% success rate, it doesn’t succeed all the time.

If I send someone an email, and they reply by starting a new mail themselves, instead of hitting “reply”, then we lose the conversation. If they use a different email address to reply, but keep the same subject line and have my message body inline, we lose the conversation. If someone sends me a new mail by replying to the last one I sent them (so they don’t have to look for me in their address book or whatever), then that mail becomes part of my last conversation with them, although it’s entirely unrelated.

Gmail needs to have some advanced conversation management. “Join conversations”, “Add mail to conversation”, “Remove mail from conversation/Start new conversation with this mail”.

They know that this is a problem, so we can hope that features like this will be forthcoming, but in the meantime, on those occassions where it does occur, it’s bloody annoying. Annoying enough to blog about, anyway 😉

Moving home, what to do?

I’m moving house and job in the next few weeks (although I don’t actually have a job to go to yet), and so I will need to tell lots of different people about my change in contact details. Herewith, a short list, both for my own reference and in the vain hope that someone will tell me what I’ve missed 🙂

  • Bank
  • Credit card company
  • Mobile phone company
  • Address on my CV/job websites
  • Specsavers
  • Electricity supplier
  • Water supplier
  • Telephone provider
  • Internet provider
  • TV Licensing people
  • Council Tax people
  • National Insurance
  • Student Loans Agency
  • Electoral Register
  • Mailing lists I’m signed up to at work

Hmm, what else?