Dear Magpie: Don’t unescape my content, thanks

Bug 1212662: Don’t unescape html entities in ‘description’ or ‘content’

Currently, when MagpieRSS (otherwise marvellous general-purpose feed parser) encounters escaped content, it unescapes it, thus turning hard fought-for “&lt;”s into “<“s.

Obviously this makes it really hard to read other geek bloggers who post code samples which use pointy brackets. In fact, it makes it a complete pain. I’ve looked at the source, but I’m pretty much a PHP-lamer and can’t see where this unescaping is going on – the file is available through ViewCVS for you to look at so you can tell me what to change to fix this.

I look forward to seeing what it makes of this post 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Dear Magpie: Don’t unescape my content, thanks”

  1. I feel your pain, unfortunatly it isn’t Magpie unescaping your html entities, it’s expat the underlying library.

  2. aiieeee! no, really? at least that would explain why I couldn’t see in the PHP where it was being done, which is some consolation.

    There must be a way around this though, surely? Or am I just overly optimistic?

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