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I don’t really listen to podcasts normally LUGRadio and sometimes IT Conversations, but that’s about it.

But now I need a podcast client.

I have an RSS file containing about 200 items, each with an mp3 enclosure and an empty title element (yes, I know, thanks). I want to be able to add this feed to a client and download all the items. Not 10, or 20 or select every single one and then click “update”, I just want them all.

So far no podcast software seems able to do this. A list of the ones I’ve tried so far:

  • iPodder 2.1
  • PodFeeder 1.1
  • Nimiq
  • Synclosure 0.1
  • Newzie
  • iPodder.NET 0.11
  • Primetime Podcast Receiver
  • Doppler 2.0.3
  • HappyFish
  • RSS Radio 1.1

(no iTunes yet – because it installs the iPod checker service, I haven’t been able to install it on this locked-down PC)

If you think one of the clients I’ve listed should be able to handle my request above, please do leave a comment.

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8 thoughts on “Podcast clients”

  1. Have you tried using Jpodder? Java based – not overly pretty or too user-friendly, but I’ve been muddling along with it, and I think it should do what you want, with some right-clicking.


  2. Oh, and I just found I/ON just this minute. It says it’ll autodownload. And you might want to watch for Internet tv available from participatory culture foundation aug. 9.

  3. Cool, lots of things to check up on there. I seem to remember reading about FireANT before, so that bodes well.

    All this TV over the ‘net stuff eh? It’ll never take off 😉

  4. I’m the primary author of Primetime Podcast Receiver. It can definitely do this. It makes no difference if you have one item or 200 items, if you do not do a “catch-up” on the feed, it will download all items that it has not already downloaded.

  5. It looks like it would work fine, if it could detect any items in my feed at all (“Found 0 new items”), I’m obviously missing something vital from my feed (I don’t have a length attribute on my enclosures, but this really shouldn’t be stopping PPR from detecting the items).

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