Browse the web from your Nintendo DS

Opera have announced that they’re going to release a browser for the DS in Japan.

Frankly, this is brilliant. The browser on the PSP is all very well
and good, but it’s nowhere near the ease of navigation that a
touchscreen will give. The amount of time I end up waiting at train
stations with free DS-enabled WiFi will make this brilliant (although
the fact that it’s going to be about twenty quid does suck). Suddenly
web services like meebo become much more appealing.

See Russ Beattie’s review of Opera Mobile, and CVG’s article. In related news, this is the best picture I’ve seen comparing the old Nintendo DS with the DS lite.

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2 thoughts on “Browse the web from your Nintendo DS”

  1. Be fair though Pip – your twenty quid will be buying an actual Opera cartridge for the DS. You will have something physical to see for it =)

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