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Phil in Berlin

I’m a thirty-something software development manager, ex-developer, with no discernable design talent; you can contact me by email.

I’m a big open source fan: Firefox is my browser, MySQL is my database, Jabber is my IM, etc. I don’t hate Microsoft, but I don’t think much of their desktop software.

My development language of choice is Java, but I’m very happy to work in PHP, Ruby and Python. If the need really arises I can probably manage some C++ too.

As with most guys of my age I love 80s kids cartoons and will name that tune in three. If my blog isn’t a personal-enough look for you, you can also check out my photostweets and bookmarks.

My name, and bits of code I’ve written have appeared, in Greasemonkey Hacks by Mark Pilgrim and Firefox Secrets by Cheah Chu Yeow.

About philwilson.org

philwilson.org is the personal weblog of Phil Wilson wherein he babbles about whatever’s playing on his mind. He’s probably moaning about something Java, Firefox, Jabber, Web design/development related.

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