So, now I’ve refound the source I started months ago, I’ve started XurbleZilla, which is a Mozilla-based client for xurble, an open source java-based bulletin board/instant messenger thing.

It’s intended to finally be a sidebar application using Mozilla’s native widgets (XUL), installable from the web, so you can use xurble whilst browsing, etc.

It’s not up yet, but there _will_ be a xurblezilla webpage.

hooray me.

I really like blue, and that’s why there’s lots of it on this site, and not much else. There’s also no content, but shhhh and no-one will notice.

I’m in the middle of my University finals, with two more to go before I can finally leave Reading and get to live with my utterly wonderful girlfriend in Sheffield.

It’s been a swine of a year, although I’ve learnt loads and loads (mostly in my free time in case you thought I learnt anything at Uni ;), which should come in handy whilst I’m trying to get a job.

My cool co-host and housemate Josh is off back to Holland tomorrow, and I’ll be losing net access until I get to my girlfriend’s (a 2GHz PC! woo!), so I just thought I’d write something before it went. 🙂

Wishing me lots of luck for all my exams……