Hilarious blog editing malarky

17 April, 2024 - 97 words
So after titling the last post "Finding out how to write", it turns out I broke just about every single link in it by writing in one tool, pasting into another, not checking it had pasted in OK and then hitting "send". Excellent work Phil, good job. Thanks to Gareth for letting me know. I guess I'll soon be changing my deployment process to run zola check before actually putti… read more

Finding out how to write

16 April, 2024 - 408 words
Posting to a statically-generated site is theoretically easy - it's just a file on your desktop after all. But whilst the words are easy, it's also easy to mess up the metadata, and wouldn't it be nicer to get it right in one shot? After all, the ideal for writing on your blog is hit the keyboard with your fingers until your point is made and hit "send". But it's not quite like that whe… read more

WordPress is gone, static site blogging with Zola is here

15 April, 2024 - 295 words
The move is finally done and sometime last week I switched my blog over to a statically-generated site powered by Zola. This is the first post I’ve written directly into Zola. In a month’s time I’ll have been writing this blog for 22 years.  For the first version I started by writing all the HTML markup by hand and uploading via FTP, then moved to Blogger (which took care of the templating and FT… read more

Books of February 2024

24 March, 2024 - 282 words
As predicted it was impossible to maintain the rate of January, obviously this is a system which I can game if I just read novellas! Ella Minnow Pea – a fictional story of authoritarianism implemented through removing letters from the alphabet and punishing those that continue to use them. Very good. Sooner or Later Everything Falls into the Sea – a good collection of sci-fi/fantasy short stories … read more

Web publishing for yourself

17 March, 2024 - 504 words
“This paper lays out a unified framework of the ergodic animage, the rule-based and interaction driven part of visual representation in video games” I do sometimes wonder if other people browse the web in the same way that I do. I was following a thread by gilest on mastodon about making publishing on the web easy, fast and non-technical, following his post about a mac-only tool for making web pag… read more

Art and science

15 March, 2024 - 295 words
I open a lot of tabs. A lot. Maybe as many as you. Every now and then I have to plough through them and close down stuff I’ve either dealt with, bookmarked, or just forgotten why I opened it in the first place. I’ve given up doing this on my phone where my Firefox tab count is permanently ∞ (literally). So here are some interesting tabs I’ve had open this week: Who were the people of Stonehenge? … read more

RSS for fun and the public good

11 March, 2024 - 258 words
I follow Steve Messer’s blog – he’s a product manager in the UK Civil Service, making land and housing data easier to find, use and trust. And he writes weeknotes which I enjoy reading. He mentioned this week that his team’s blog doesn’t produce an RSS feed. Well, I’ve just been doing that for my own blog so I thought, how hard can it be? An hour later and I opened my pull request. The Digital Lan… read more