someone does need to implement CSSable RSS feeds

Well RSS is XML, and everyone and their pet monkey knows you can style XML with CSS.

Two sites that spring to mind which use CSS to style their RSS feeds if you come across them in a browser are the W3’s feed and

If the reader wants to be able to just display that feed rendered with its CSS, just give the user the option to do just that – “Displays items with feed’s associated stylesheet” or whatever.

I question why you might want to do it, but the option to do it is already there.

Jerakeen likes, but as he says, I don’t support Trackbacks. I want my new server so I can run this web log off something other than Blogger. Incidentally, if you don’t have a decent browser, you won’t notice the big UPDATE: before this paragraph, and other paragraphs in previous posts. Get with the program, people.

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