I completely hate bandwagon-jumping and just linking to other people’s stories, and becoming one of the thousands of blogging sheep who wait for something cool, and then all link to it.

Sadly for me, today Simon Fell links to an announcement in the Spring weblog about preliminary FOAF support.

Now I don’t have a Mac, but Spring looks like the kind of app I’d like – a natural, intuitive method of linking and performing actions on people, places, and sources of information. It certainly looks like the way user-centric apps should be. As soon as I can, I think I’ll see if I can try this out on the Mac in our office. (Of course, there’s always a slight worry in that Andrew Orlowski endorses it – see bottom of Spring homepage)

Simon also reports on a new feature in Syndirella, toast – that is, a small popup that displays the latest feed update in a window such as that MS Messenger displays when you get new mail (FWIW Feedreader also does this). There’s a download available, as well as diffs between this version and the original. There may be a problem with the licensing, as the code for “toast” is from The Genghis Project, the license of which may be incompatible with the GPL, but at the moment it looks A-OK.

I have a personal interest in Syndirella, because I intend to use it as a testbed for learning C#, just as soon as I get around to installing VS.NET ….

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