A little while ago I wrote a Jabber server component that lets you post to your blog using the Blogger, MetaWeblog and MT API. LiveJournal support was in the works. It did spellchecking and allowed you to use textile formatting.

As well as posting to your specified blog, it kept your blog postings too, for a) the people who didn’t have a blog already and b) in case you needed to easily retrieve your blog postings.

I ran into some threading problems (it ran as an explicit two-threaded web app: fine under JBoss, only one thread under Tomcat. boo. ).

But I could never decide how nice it was to post to your blog from Jabber. Of course, what was nice was that it used markers to denote the beginning and end of your post, so in the morning you send a message of “start”, then your post got made up of all the messages you sent it until you sent “end”. And of course you could change your configuration options via jabber itself or on a web page.

I never solved the threading problem, and the program lies unreleased. Is it worth saving?

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