Pleasepleaseplease Blogger. Start working with API1 apps again.

That, or show me the 2.0 API, because I can’t find it on Google for the life of me. Which, when you think about it, is kind of ironic.

In other new news (very different from old news, for example, which means things that appeared in the “blogosphere” at least six hours ago), I just received a SiPix StyleCam Snap from my grandparents, because they saw it and thought I might like it.

It’s about 5cm x 5xm x 1.5cm, takes pictures at 640×480 at its highest resolution (it also takes pics at 320×240 but they tend to have really jagged edges), takes video and has 8Mb memory, all in all a very nice little package (especially since I got it for free!). You have to hold it really really still if you don’t want any blurring in your pictures, and the pictures aren’t great if the light it either a) poor or b) natural and artificial light mixed, but I’m guessing this is a problem with all cameras that don’t have a flash.

The interesting view from a train window

Blogger API 2.0 Documentation ?

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