Just before I went on holiday I finally managed to complete The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker on my Gamecube. I’m completely addicted to LoZ games, and have been since I played the original on my NES years ago, although it always takes me ages to complete them because I never seem to get enough time to just sit down and play for a few hours, sometimes it can be weeks between goes.
Anyway, it’s an excellent game, although a mile too easy, especially the end of game boss. I’m now playing LoZ: Ocarina of Time which was the preceding LoZ game on the N64 (I never owned any of the previous generation of consoles, but now have both a PS2 and a GC), and despite being constantly frustrated by the camera (the position of which you can control in WW but not OOT), it’s very good. I’m only a little way in but have already found a cow in a cave and the Great Fairies appear to have triple-F cup and Madonna-coned breasts. Bizarre.
I’m also playing Oracle of Seasons (in which I’ve been stuck at the end of game boss for weeks!) and am a little way into A Link to the Past of my GBA.

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