Some time ago, back in 2002, someone at generated the CSS1 spec with Mozilla bug annotations.

This kind of thing is absolutely excellent, and definitely the kind of thing developers benefit from. If someone at would please please re-generate this to bring it up to date (it was last generated on 21st of July 2002) and perhaps also generate an annotated CSS2 spec hundreds of web developers across the world would be extremely grateful!

I was wrong when I said Firebird was now providing all my needs. This is because Firebird doesn’t currently support Mozilla sidebars.

Under Moz, my sidebar looks like this. Under Firebird I just only have the default choice of “Downloads”, “Bookmarks” or “History”.

Thanks to EditCSS I now also have an inline Firebird CSS editor which installs itself as a sidebar. Hopefully by picking this apart I can find out what changes are needed to the current Moz XPIs to make them available for Firebird (my J2SE and EE API sidebars are the result of hand-hacked RDF as opposed to the result of installers).

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Because I’m moving to a new design, and it probably doesn’t work properly yet. Most of the links are probably broken too. Joy!

hmmm…on second thought – perhaps the day before I go to Rome for a week isn’t the best time to be doing this. 🙂

Iiiinteresting. In my last post on Friday, I inserted <del> tags around the first two paragraphs, because they were wrong. This should a) make the text italic and b) draw a line through it, and indeed in Win/IE it does, but not Firebird. Now why’s that I wonder? My CSS looks like this:

del {
  text-decoration: line-through;
  font-style: italic;

However, if I add display:block or change the selector to div * { then the line-through works as expected. Is this correct behaviour? I wouldn’t have thought so, and if I had any patience with Bugzilla whatsoever, I’d bother find out. As it is, it’s just something to remember.

Inspired by Jim’s FOAF updates I’ve taken a five-second look at my own FOAF file and done some minor updates, including adding the new foaf:gender.

Jim’s included his Ecademy information, but whilst I signed up to it, it was really only because Danny mentioned that they were using FOAF, and I was curious.

Are any of these things (Ecademy, Friendster etc.) actually worth it? They all seem to require far too much time investement to bother with.