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Well meaning and well mannered, as you cycle home in the pouring rain, you mutter to yourself about the rubbish, crime and decay, before locking the front door and spending all night on the Internet.

so true….so true….

Andy made an excellent post about the Firebird menubar. The Firebird menubar is extremely configurable, and you can put anything just about anywhere, including the Home/Refresh buttons to the same line as the File/Edit menus.

This is great for me, previously I had the main menu bar, navigation/address bar, my bookmarks toolbar (for web dev stuff) and the Web Developer’s Toolbar extension all on different lines. Now I’ve gone through, taking out what I don’t need and am left with two thin lines like this:

The buttons next to my bookmarks are what remains of the Web Developer’s Toolbar once I’d removed what I didn’t need and moved the remaining ones. Absolute genius stuff, and my screen real estate is restored!

This is just getting ridiculous. AtomAPI search proposal

Below, as a way of demonstrating this idea I have taken a copy of Sam’s Atom feed and augmented it with two kinds of navigation information.

<nav rel="next" title="Next 20 Entries" href="http://.."/>
<nav rel="previous" title="Previous 20 Entries" href="http://.."/>
<nav title="Last 20 Comments" href="http://.."/>

Hello Mr. Wheel. My, aren’t we round today?

I feel cheated. Having felt ecstatic about the fact I had new context menu commands meaning I could navigate within my sidebar, I find that the context menu doesn’t actually appear for links in the sidebar, thus rendering me impotent to use the extension in the way I wanted.

Alas, the Netscape Devedge Sidebars remain beyond the reach of usage by mortals in Firebird.

Blogware now ships with functionality for blogging reviews and using the RVW RSS extension. Marc Canter says this is great, whilst I agree in theory, this system uses Amazon as its core item reference, and a cold shiver runs up my spine when I think what Amazon could do to monoplise on this.

The problem of course is that there’s no “open” alternative. There’s MusicBrainz for music, but what else? Even IMDB are owned by Amazon. I’m surprised they don’t have more product placement (although I’m sure they’re working on integrating their systems).