Even 2lmc are spooling Ed talking about Making GNOME hot for content creation so in the name of all that’s fair, I’d like to plug KimDaba (again), which a decent image database manager thing with good categorisation and allows you to specify who each picture depicts and also to annotate certain areas of it, but which could do with being able to generate RDF to describe the pictures (as well as the related FOAF).

And no, I still don’t support trackback.

politico II

Staying on the politics theme, Ben Hammersely had a great post yesterday called Stop asking questions and vote, dammit. addressing some of the issues about just why the connected generation just aren’t voting any more, summed up quite nicely with his closing line:

Why should I bother to vote, says the connected net-savvy demographic, when it’s plain to see that in every single arena the government is either making shit up or trying to appease Paul Dacre.