A day at the zoo

My girlfriend and I went to London Zoo at the weekend. She with her nice (non-digital) camera, me with my Nokia 6600…so, until she gets her film developed, some quick snaps I took during the marvellously hot, gloriously sunny and all-in-all really nice day out.

Clicking the image will take you to the larger, and much blurrier version. 🙂

dangerous animals
Steffi, Dawn and Crackers
Steffi, Dawn and Crackers

Steffi, Dawn and Crackers

Steffi, Dawn and Crackers

Steffi, Dawn and Crackers

a very noncholant lemur

some hugging lemurs

a buck-toothed llama

some penguins

a bad photo of a toucan

a worse photo of toucans

Mono programming in Java

Ed Dumbill’s Small slices of Mono wonder post mentions IKVM:

IKVM is a translator from Java bytecode to CIL bytecode that will run Java programs in Mono. It’s a technical marvel.


Of particular interest to me is that I could tie an existing RDF-based Java app which uses Jena into the Mono bluetooth stack or dashboard API to provide some amazing functionality without having to actually rewrite all my code. This kind of interop is really impressive, and for projects like Mono means that a pre-existing group of developers can write for it without having to learn a whole new language which will probably increase both initial and long-term uptake rates.

Who posted to del.icio.us?

del.icio.us provides you with a virtual inbox to which you can add any other users’ bookmark lists. You then have access to this inbox via RSS. So, for example, in my del.icio.us inbox I effectively have the feeds for blech, yoz, kellan, msippey and xurble all bundled into one big feed with each item having an associated dc:creator to tell me who created each entry.

The problem I have with this is that I use JabRSS for all my RSS and Atom needs, which does nothing with dc:creator at all, making it pretty much impossible for me to tell who posted which item.

I can smell a new Jabber-based aggregator in the air. 😉

XULPlanet returns!

XULPlanet has returned! and thank god for that, really.

In case you don’t know, XULPlanet is the place to find out about how to write XUL apps for Mozilla and/or do cool stuff with the Mozilla interface (and this includes Firefox and Thunderbird) without resorting to reading the source code.

Last week one of my work mates asked me if I knew how he could write his own extension for Firefox; after a quick hand he ended up with a nice new, working extension and I pointed him at XULPlanet if he needed to find out more. Except that it was gone, and I was left looking a buffoon.

Hurrah for the return of XULPlanet and the saving of my non-foon reputation!

CSS3 Selectors

There’s a nice little introduction to CSS3 selectors on XML.com which contains this little comment:

The Mozilla Project has already implemented several CSS3 selectors and is working on implementing the rest soon. The other vendors aren’t far behind, either.

Where those “other vendors” doesn’t actually include the market leader with over 90% of the share, obviously.

What do you reckon? 2010? Ever? After all, if you’ve got Longhorn you’ve got rich internet controls provided by your OS far surpassing anything you can do in CSS or Javascript. Why would they ever need to improve their current rendering engine?