8 thoughts on “I hate Outlook”

  1. Hey, that doesn’t look half-bad.

    Typo on email_server.html though: “When your on the road” should be “When you’re on the road”.

  2. No choice, the company intranot uses it. Lord knows I’ve tried to be patient…
    Not one mention I could find about how to send to multiple addresses until stumbled on 3rd party tutorial which says use semi-colon between names. (;)
    That only cost me an hour of frustration and hand wringing…
    Seriously…any wonder why people turn away from M$ in droves?

  3. Amen brother ! Not only is it unreliable and does not respect standards, but on top of that it corrupts inexperienced users into following its decadent ways. On top of hating Outlook, let me heap a large serving of hatred on the systems administrators who deploy Exchange without opening IMAP or POP service !

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