I don’t post to my blog very often any more. This tends to be because as I have one idea for a blog entry and start writing it, I get an idea for another, so jot down a note about the general jist and get on with the initial post but my brain keeps being distracted by what I should write in the second post. The times I’ve decided to abandon the first post to work on the second the exact same thing, but in reverse, has occurred. At various occassions writing one post has spawned three others – none of which gets completed. I currently have six text files on my desktop, all of which are full posts which I can’t complete because I can’t really remember what I was writing any more.

I suspect my brain is conspiring against weblogging.

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One thought on “Half-formed”

  1. I know exactly what you mean. Some days, I’ll be halfway through an article oh look a castle.

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