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After a bit of discussion with a chap at work, individual items featured at the University of Bath’s What’s On now sport hCalendar in their markup.

For example: Daytime T’ai Chi Beginners’ Class for the over 50’s.

Individual events can now be added to your Google Calendar using this Greasemonkey script from Elias Torres or exported into the tool of your choice using the Tails Export Firefox extension.

For what it’s worth, we spent vastly longer talking about doing it (an hour?) than actually doing it (minutes).

I’d also like to take this moment to curse, yet again, the imbecilic designer who put a “suspend computer” button directly above the “Escape” key on my keyboard.

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5 thoughts on “University of Bath hCalendar usage”

  1. Do you know of a public google calendar that has the Bath term dates etc. on it? Sorry to post this here, but you were the only one who turned up when I searched for “university of bath google calendar” 🙂

  2. Hi Joanna, no problem! I’ll post about it on the Web Services blog tomorrow so that something else crops on Google 😉

    In the meantime, there isn’t a Google calendar for this that already exists, but it takes about two minutes to import it yourself.

    step 1)

    Go to and look underneath the Key on the right hand side and choose which calendar you want from:

    * Full chart
    * Full chart with university week numbers
    * Staff chart (without the teaching days and student vacation dates marked)
    * Staff chart with university week numbers

    Right-click the one you want and copy the link to your clipboard

    step 2)

    Go to Google Calendar and click “Add” in the bottom left corner and then click “Add by URL”

    Paste in the link you copied from the semester page and click “Add”. That’s it! You can now click “Back to Calendar” and you’ll see all the items from the calendar you imported.

    At the moment the calendar you add will expire at the end of the academic year so you’ll need to go through this again next year. Hassle us on and we’ll look into making sure that if you add it once, you never need to add it again!

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