XTech 2007, some highlighted notes

  • Joost is based on standards all the way and the application forms a single DOM
  • Henri’s HTML5 conformance checker generated some excitable debate about the inclusion of a normative (or even informative, if I remember properly) in the Atom spec
  • The W3C are crazy
  • Arduino are about to sell a whole mountain of kit thanks to Matt Biddulph
  • Alf Eaton is very tall
  • There are more Welsh speakers in the world than Klingon, but only just (thanks Ralph and Suw for helping us clear that one up)

More to come, I’m sure.

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2 thoughts on “XTech 2007, some highlighted notes”

  1. Hi Phil
    The only statement you made that didn’t have a link to further information “W3C are crazy”. Can you expand on this.


    Brian Kelly

  2. haha! I’ve been waiting for someone to notice that!

    There seemed to be a couple of big fat W3C elephants in the room.

    The first was that the w3c are doing stuff for use in five or ten years’ time whereas most of the other talks are about things you can do today or next year, which makes them seem like futurologists.

    The other is that they really didn’t seem that happy that HTML5 was going ahead, and what the hell was wrong with XHTML2 anyway?

    It must be nice to work in a standards organisation where everything you do meets some Platonic Idea of perfection.

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