Please apply for a job at Jive

At work we’re playing with Openfire, the Java-based Jabber/XMPP server. There are parts that are *cough* sub-optimal so we want to fix them. It’s open source and builds using Ant. So far, so straightforward.

I want to modify some core code so went looking for the unit tests to make sure that my changes wouldn’t break anything. Oh dear lord. A few hours of sobbing to myself later and I can only hope that they get someone for this job really soon.

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  1. Phil, we just deployed openfire here at work a couple weeks ago. I noticed in your link, problems included inability to autopopulate roster, due to LDAP groups not being supported. Might I assume you are using AD or openldap? We struggled with groups a bit using openldap and came up with a bit of a hack to get it working. Let me know some more details and perhaps I can be of assistance.

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