Week 14: creation

  • I turned 41. This is the test subject number assigned to Tetsuo in Akira.
  • Building Lego is very therapeutic. This week I built Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced from the (now retired) set which also came with an A-Wing (and which I built when I first got the set a few years back).
  • Continuing the Star Wars theme I got a new X-Wing/TIE fighter hoodie, which makes me happy.
  • “These dickheads are trying for the stars! The rest of us therefore need to make sure they don’t get there first.” – from The Regrettable Decline of Space Utopias
  • Trying to balance home schooling two children whilst also maintaining jobs is hard. 
  • My new Hobonichi Techo journal arrived! I did panic a bit when 1 January rolled around and I hadn’t ordered a new one; it pretty much runs my work life, and there’s something incredibly nice about its design and manufacture which make it just lovely to use. I’m not a journaller who draws pictures and sticks in stuff from their life, but as far as todo lists goes, it’s my fave.
  • I find I always publish my weeknotes “late” because I just resent going on my laptop at the weekend now, even though I use a different laptop for work in the week. Tiresome.

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