Week 23: Audiobooks and talkative ham

  • I am still playing Lego Super Marvel Heroes 2. I’d like to save all the incarnations of Stan Lee and unlock all the characters. Since I bought the DLC Season Pass this means that there are 279 of the buggers to get, and loads of them are incredibly minor characters in the Marvel Universe, but also included are Blade and Spider-Ham. Both are a welcome break from the normal Iron-Man and Thor entries.
  • (an update on the above from later in the week: 4 days of progress has been somehow wiped from my saved game I am VERY DISAPPOINTED)
  • For World Book Day, a load of kids books have been released as free audiobooks on audioboom. You can see the list here: https://www.worldbookday.com/world-of-stories/ and the books themselves are hosted on audioboom (https://audioboom.com/channel/world-book-day).I was interested in a few of these, but for the chapter books it’s a separate file per chapter and am too lazy to select each one, so installed gpodder (https://gpodder.github.io/), upped its download limit in the preferences to 450 files, then pasted in the RSS URL (https://audioboom.com/channels/4903516.rss) and am downloading them all. It’s just under 4GB.Audioboom also has an Apple Podcasts entry, if that’s a thing for you.
  • 2312 was disappointing. Few, if any, novel ideas, with a rather rote presentation. The very core of the book had something good, but the author wasn’t interested in it.
  • I got back on the bike a few times this week! It was sunny! It was warm! Absolutely lovely to be out among the fields as a break from being at home all the time.
  • I just about remembered that the 19th of March was the last day for submissions to the European Astro Pi Challenge: Mission Zero which allows children under 14 to submit code to be run on the International Space Station. My daughter’s effort (helped along by me) was mostly images, and mostly from Among Us.
  • I uninstalled Twitter.

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