Week 26, 27, 28 – Easter et al.

  • You’d think that having missed the previous two weeks of weeknotes, I’d have a lot to add. This is not true – it was Easter half term and so we were taking it easy, and this included dropping the weeknote schedule. 
  • I am reading The Manningtree Witches about the witch hunts and trials of the mid 1600s; the overall tone, and my pace of reading, dropped when I realised it was based on real people and real events. Horrifying. 
  • I hate the Javascript-only nature of Google Groups with the heat of a thousand suns – the routines it uses for unpainting off-screen content are terrible and the fact there doesn’t seem to be a way of viewing any posting but the first in a conversation without using JS is really awful.
  • Trying out Bitwarden has worked out really well for me, and I think I’ll be switching over to that from LastPass – not because of some of the complaints that have been going on, but because I think the product is better.
  • Similarly, I think my Flickr Pro account will be biting the bullet at some point in the relatively near future; I signed up in 2004 (17 years ago!) and have paid for it for most of that time. Flickr was the source of a huge number of excellent people, places and events for me in my 20s, and maybe the SmugMug acquisition has already brought it back to life, but I am just past caring, and past needing to care about old photos stored in yet another place online. I have done my data export, and my Pro will expire in Jan 2022 at which point all but the latest 1,000 photos will get automatically deleted.

Week 25: Cough

Whatever else was going on this week was completely overshadowed by having to rush my daughter to hospital at 1am in an ambulance because she was having trouble breathing and her blood oxygen levels were dropping quickly.

Three days later and we were back home.

It was a stressful experience, and one I do not recommend. The facilities of the Children’s Hostpital which we were in were surprisingly good; we were in a private room rather than a ward, with a bed so that a visitor was able to stay each night – these beds were funded by the Wallace and Gromit Grand Appeal. The doctor and nurses were friendly and efficient – all very reassuring should we ever need to make another unwelcome visit.