Weeks 31 and 32: boxes

I moved house. That’s it, that’s the update.

The good thing is that I now have a fiber-to-the-premises internet connection, which means it is nice and fast, and wasn’t an option at my last house. It does mean I had to hand back my TiVo box (because we can’t get Virgin Media), so I am PVR-less for the first time in a couple of decades, but with the rise in streaming services maybe I don’t need it any more? Time will tell for sure, but the options on the market all look a bit crap (presumably because those streaming services have eaten their market).

The bad news is being surrounded by cardboard boxes all the time in every room. Seriously. You’d think there’d be a good opportunity to build a box fort, but if it collapses there’s a real danger of being hit in the head by a misfiled frying pan, Tex Avery style.

Hopefully after a bit more unpacking I can get back to hacking on some code again. That would be nice.

Week 30: birds

These are the birds I regularly see in my garden:

  • blackbirds
  • goldfinches
  • pigeons
  • collared doves
  • sparrows
  • robins
  • blue tits
  • great tits

Very very occassionally we get a jay and a greenfinch. This all feels quite varied until you read the RSPB list of common garden birds:

The most likely visitors to your garden are starlings, house sparrows, blackbirds, blue and great tits, robins, greenfinches and collared doves.

Common Garden Birds


Week 29: bees and blood

  • Our apple tree is in full bloom and full of industrious bees, and so when I’ve needed a brief respite from home working I have been able to walk out into the garden, and sit under the tree with blossom falling down around me – absolutely blissful!
  • I learned more than I wanted to this week about the Windows Subsystem for Linux and how it mounts filesystems. A separate post about that I think.
  • My house move might be happening in a few weeks’ time, and so I’m looking around me at the catastrophic amount of STUFF everywhere and trying hard not to panic.
  • I need a new mattress.
  • I have bought a new LaserJet printer. Get into the sea, deskjet ink cartridges priced more per ml than unicorn blood!
  • I am booked in for my first covid jab next week! That is exciting, and I’m genuinely surprised at how quickly it’s come around. Many thanks to the Can I Get Jabbed? Twitter account, which notified me before the NHS did, and thus before all the spaces at my closest centres filled up.
  • I am playing AER Memories of Old on my Switch, because it is relaxing. You should play it too.