Things I own today that I did not own yesterday

  • 38cm Black and Decker rotary lawnmower
  • a rake
  • a pair of shears
  • gardening gloves
  • two trowels
  • two pairs of secateurs
  • a set of 51 tools (mostly different screw and drill bits)
  • a stepladder
  • a large gardening fork
  • a bow saw
  • geraniums, busy lizzies, tomato plants, chilli plants, sweet peas, currant bushes
  • many pots
  • Pippa Greenwood’s “Gardening Hints and Tips
  • a Kenwood MultiPro Compact mixer
  • a brand-new Horwood 5-piece saucepan set
  • assorted casserole, pie and desert dishes
  • aching arms

This all complements our first house, which we just bought.