IWMW 2007 redux

I’d like to thank everyone who put up with my ‘eternal beta‘ session at IWMW 2007 – it was baking hot and I had a cracking headache, so congratulations for not hurling chairs and broken glass at me!

In other news it was good to catch up with a number of people and to meet a lot of new ones, although I have to admit that I was a bit surprised by the number of people I’d apparently met before and blind forgotten or who knew who I was in advance. It was good to meet you all, and many thanks to the girls from Essex for taking me to task about my electronic, motorised rabbit (specialist stockists only).

I only stayed for a day (although went out for a drink the night before) but even in that short period it was interesting to see what kind of people with what kind of backgrounds were embracing new tech to what extent. I think Paul twittering in the pub was the first live-action Twitter I’d seen.

A good event, videos are online, as are a lot of the presentations, and many thanks to the organisers!

University 2.0 at IWMW 2007

I almost forgot to say that I’ll be in York on Monday at the Institutional Web Management Workshop 2007 presenting “The eternal beta – can it work in an institution?”, I’ll be covering practical ways that Universities can incorporate web 2.0-style technologies into their software development, rollout and maintenance lifecycles as well as how to harvest staff/student-based feedback in an intelligent way.

The title is the most boring ever but I wasn’t quite confident enough to name it “University 2.0” which is what was suggested to me. Rather like the title, the abstract was knocked up in under five minutes and remains now as it did when I wrote it. Obviously it’d been a day of meetings 🙂

The slides are now online, probably the most reliable place to get them is here on slideshare