Product of insomnia

My wife’s not been sleeping well recently.

Phil Wilson is a geek snob
Web app programming is his day job
Linux is his OS
Firefox and the rest
Cos he thinks that Bill Gates is a nob

Phil Wilson he likes to pretend
Open source software’s his friend
“DRM sucks!” he cries
But it’s really all lies
The licence he’s too cheap to spend

Phil Wilson bangs on about wiki
But one bit is really quite tricky
Anybody can edit
And Phil takes the credit
If it’s wrong then he looks like a thickie

Phil Wilson he is a trend-setter
With flashy gadgets he is a go-getter
Lots of buttons and shiny
They must also be tiny
(The one time where the smaller the better.)

Phil Wilson is sharp as a knife
The best looking I’ve seen in my life
Boyish charm and good hair
and he dresses with flair,
He made me write this, I’m his wife.