Week 1: anew

  • One of the highlights of my week is Alice Bartlett’s weeknotes. Two years of reading later and I am going to shamelessly steal her format.
  • I do still read RSS feeds, and I use Newsfold to do so, with the feeds managed by Feedly in the background. American politics is starting to dominate the news again, and so I need more non-politics RSS feeds in my life.
  • The other RSS highlights are Simon Willison‘s ongoing Datasette explorations and the latest news from the International Space Station.
  • Before the our local libraries reopened they were providing a service where a librarian would choose some books for you to read based on some preferences you provided and your past reading history. My 11 year old got half a dozen books and I’ve started reading them, because that’s about the level of depth and complexity my brain can handle at the moment. They are all along the lines of “child discovers gods/monsters are real and faces challenges” and are of varying quality.
  • Ruby dependency management for executable applications is still just plain awful. Much screaming. Much loss of hair.
  • Every now and then my top-of-the-line Dell laptop just locks up for 10 seconds or so. It’s as perplexing as it is annoying. It happened just now.
  • We bought a new house! That’s exciting news. Most excitingly though we’ll have to buy a new sofa. I’m looking forward to a new sofa. My bum deserves better.
  • Also, it only has a small garden, so I will miss our oak, alder, apple and fig trees, and the bees and many birds who visit our current garden. We’ll have to plan out a design for the new, bare, grass-only garden and plant some of the things we miss the most.
  • New growth is good.