20 May, 2002

“Many people duped their parents to buy them a home computer on the pretext that they could use it to learn programming, recalls Mr Henshaw. In fact, all they did was learn to play games.”

This, friends, was me.

I still have my C64, and I love it. I haven’t played on it for a few years now, being at uni has prevented me lugging around a telly, the c64, the power pack, the disks, the cassettes, the tape player, the drive as well as, perhaps my textbooks.

Hours and hours spent playing Bubble Bobble with my brother, racking up a high score, only to have the game crash was just another challenge – forcing us to play again until we did see our names on that high-score table.

I absolutely cannot wait until I have room for my own telly. And when I do, underneath it, you can bet that next to the video player will be my trusty C64.

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