22 October, 2002

There’s lots of cool stuff on the web now and xml/rss is really taking off in a good way (hello memed internet).

There’s also been a lot of fuss in the last few days about Mitch Kapor’s “outlook killer” and the Open Source Application Foundation. But in all honestly, there doesn’t seem to be anything really new, either in terms of philosophy or software (vaporware?). The net community just _loves_ latching onto all and sundry projects which promise something new, sometimes taking weeks before we can see if it’s any good, important, or in fact possible at all. In fact the best web revolutions tend to be the quiet ones.

In other news, David Blunkett, the UK Home Secretary is seeming rather miffed that ISPs are refusing to store user logs longer than normal as part of his “anti-terrorism” laws (which, just like those in the US and Australia were rushed through post September 11th when people weren’t paying much attention or were so paranoid they’d accept anything.

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