27 February, 2003

I really want to give Joggle baked files, but having read Jason Kottke’s comments about how quickly Movable Type re-rendered serveral thousand files in about thirty seconds, I’m now a little intimidated about this.

Movable Type rebuilt the entire site – 2403 individual archive pages (including 1432 comments), 59 category archive pages, and almost 5 years-worth of monthly archive pages – in about 30 seconds. Fast.

Fast like a monkey going for a banana, but you host your MT site on your own server, whereas Joggle follows the Blogger model of a centralised server, and is likely to suffer from it in much the same way i.e. Blogger takes about five minutes to recognise a publish command and make the change visible.

Of course, Blogger serves hundreds of thousands of active bloggers, and so possibly has some good queuing system to handle thousands of simutaneous publish requests, but that doesn’t stop the delay being annoying. For the time being, a publish request will probably spawn a thread which publishes the page, but should the number start spiralling out of control, a queuing system it’ll have to be.

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