28 February, 2003

I was thinking about this ‘speed of re-rendering’ problem last night, whilst deprived of computer by my significantly better half, and came to the conclusion that it’s really not that much of a problem for Joggle anyway.

Joggle only renders pages when they’re requested, and deletes ones that haven’t been viewed for x number of days in the background. Posting a new story to your blog, or a forum site will trigger a re-render on that page, so it will pick up the template change almost immediately (in fact, it’ll pick it up when the template first gets changed, but that’s by-the-by), so all we need to do is delete the other pages, and the next time they get viewed they’ll be re-rendered using the new template.

The only problem I can really see with this is if someone has an archive page that gets a lot of hits (interesting article, review, whatever), and a lot of people simultaneously request it whilst it’s in the process of being re-rendered.

What to do?

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