21 March, 2003

The ‘get out’ list of blogs I regularly read (over on the right) is now generated on the fly, using javascript, from an OPML file created using the “export” function of Syndirella. I got tired of having my blogroll out of sync with my RSS reader, now a single file upload and voila! the same.

It’s cross browser, which is great, but as Mark Pilgrim mentioned yesterday in his article about MIME types, it will cause problems if and when I ever want to create valid XHTML 2.0.

It still needs to be sorted alphabetically (because Syndirella doesn’t support sorting its feeds), but I just wanted something quick – sorting can come later.

The script is based on one found at probably the best javascript resource on the web – ppk’s javascript section. Everything I know about Javascript I learnt there.

→I suspect this sorting lark may be more complex than anticipated, and whilst still very doable, I’d rather keep the code simple. Unsorted it is. It’s more fun like that anyway.
→I almost forgot to mention that whilst the file kept its opml extension, it wouldn’t be loaded by either IE6/Win or Mozilla 1.3 – only when I renamed the file to have an xml extension did it start to work.
→Now ordered alphabetically by removing all my subscriptions in Syndirella and then importing back from the xml file. Not an ideal solution, but works in the short term.

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