09 April, 2003

I’m terribly busy.

A big fuss about SharpReader (YA3PDNA) currently fills the world, and the developer of Syndirella talks about stopping development.

Personally I think Syndirella is far superior, just because it’s much simpler to use and follows normal UI practice where SharpReader doesn’t. It would be a huge shame if Syndirella was to stop where it was.

ieSpell, a spell-checker for us in IE is very useful. It would be nice to see something like OmniWeb’s in-line spellchecking in the next version of IE.

The Mozilla Guide for Web Developers is very good, especially the info about LiveHTTPHeaders which is something I’ve been looking for for ages (so that I can see the headers when doing local testing instead of having to upload a webapp to a server).

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