I’m halfway through my week off, and have blagged Internet access for a few hours, mainly to sort of stare at my Inbox. I only subscribe to about three mailing lists, and it’s already going to take me several hours to catch up on what I’ve received since Saturday, let alone what I’ll have by the time I get home.

I think I’ll save it all for next Monday.

I pity poor Danny Ayers.

In other news, I’ve clearly taken the best week of the year, weather-wise off of work, as temperatures soar across the country, and I’m spending the week on the south coast, although on the day I decided to spend on Brighton beach (webcam, wifi) it was covered in miserable mist, and the terror that is the British Rail System stopped me from getting back to Hastings (for that is where I’m staying – highest suicide rate in the UK, trivia kids, don’t say I never give you anything) for for about five hours. I have however learnt my lesson and will be spending the rest of the week as I began it, enjoying the sun and squinting to see my laptop screen. 🙂

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