31 August, 2003

I’ve never really looked at the whole BlogShares thing before, and was under the impression that you had to register your blog with it in order to be listed. Imagine my surprise then, to find this blog ranked on blogshares.

What really surprised me was that I only discovered this by finding my weblog listed on which shows all sorts of information about my site.

In turn, I only found out about by vanity-googling for “pipthepixie”.

Surprising what stuff you can turn up on the web.

Unrelated, but I was in Waterstones yesterday (a bookshop whose website I’d link to were it not just Amazon ;), and there it was on the shelf: Salam Pax: The Baghdad Blog, which appears to just be a print version of the contents of Where is Raed? during the Iraq war. Of course, everyone else probably knew about this already, but I was hugely surprised. Published in association with The Guardian (well known for their links with the online world – hello Ben Hammersley) it puts the word “Blog” in a prominent position in major book shops up and down the land. It seems, then, that despite all the controversy about whether it was real or just propaganda, The Guardian found out enough, and managed to get in contact with Salam Pax (which is a pseudonym of course), to be able to publish his insider’s view.

I didn’t buy it.

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