To expand on my last post slightly, my actual RDF file expresses this (generated from the W3 RDF Validator): genid:ARP36325
genid:ARP36325                        “EGCC”
genid:ARP36325                        “MAN”

whereas my profile expresses this:

<ns3:Person rdf:ID="pip">
  <ns5:nearestAirport rdf:nodeID="bNode1"/>
  [all my :knows statements from my RDF file here]

<ns4:Airport rdf:nodeID="bNode1">
   <ns8:acquaintanceOf rdf:nodeID="bNode12"/>
   <ns8:knowByRep rdf:nodeID="bNode10"/>
   <ns8:knowByRep rdf:nodeID="bNode11"/>
   [my manually entered details appear here]

and there doesn’t seem to be any way of editing either individual triples or the file itself manually. Nor removing my current details and resetting my profile back to empty. Until I can, the emails I keep getting from Marc Canter asking me to set up relationships with people are going to be wasted effort, because whilst I can do it it’s going to establish the relationships with an airport.

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